Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Review of Dates by Magazine of Etihad Airways

Source: etihadinflight (magazine of Etihad Airways, Abu Dhabi, UAE), June 2011

As part of the tasty “edible series,” food writer Nawal Nasrallah delves into the culture surrounding one of the Middle East’s most precious commodities: a wrinkled round fruit called the date. From its intriguing beginnings in ancient Mesopotamia, the date has proved an integral part of the Middle Eastern life for many centuries, and Nasrallah’s epic food memoir offers a smorgasbord of date history and fascinating facts topped with a dash of culture and a sprinkling of Arabic myth. Spicy and exotic, Dates: A Global History is also jam-packed with scrumptious date recipes for every occasion. After one read of the book, you’ll feel like an honorary member of Nasrallah’s huge family: armed and ready to prepare your own Middle Eastern date banquet.  

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