Friday, 8 June 2012

John Prescott's Taste Matters

Taste Matters: Why We Like the Foods We Do, by John Prescott with a foreword by Heston Blumenthal, has been reviewed in The Observer:

"Prescott runs a consultancy 'in the area of food perceptions and preferences', and Taste Matters offers both a detailed analysis of that area and a broader examination of the psychology of eating. For example, he looks at why young children can be reluctant to try new foods, and what strategies parents might adopt in response, before expanding his inquiry to cover cravings, aversions, the external cues and psychological motivations that prompt us to eat, and why, once we've started, it can be so difficult to stop . . . [his] hybrid approach frequently makes for fascinating reading."

For more on how our food preferences are formed, you can download a podcast of a Radio New Zealand interview with John at

You can buy the book here (in the UK and Europe) and here (in North and South America).

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